Apple Quits U.S. Chamber of Commerce, joins PG&E, PNM And Exelon

Leaf EarthThe EPA finally took some serious steps last week to curtail global warming with a proposal to regulate greenhouse gas emissions but it looks as if the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (the world’s largest business federation with 3 million businesses as members) cannot recognize that this is good for business, not to mention the environment.

As progress is finally being made the US Chamber of Commerce¬†decided to speak out in opposition to federal efforts to have the EPA do its job…it is called the Environmental Protection Agency. Unfortunately the Chamber is severely shortsighted and sees most efforts as creating an unreasonable burden on the economy and business. All you have to do is look around and realize the economy and American business is already suffering and perhaps a move to clean up the environment is just what we need to propel the economy forward, in addition to hopefully saving our way of living.

Many businesses are beginning to recognize that what is good for the environment is also good for business. Apple is the latest to just say no to the Chambers position. Last week Nike resigned from its position on the Board of Directors following moves by energy companies PG&E, PNM and Exelon. It would be nice if Nike resigns as a member as well…that would be one way to just do it.

Here is a copy of the resignation letter that Apple sent to the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. Apple addresses the issue that some companies are willing to take steps on their own to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but that some companies may need a nudge and that is what regulations are for.

It is a positive step when large companies take a stand on the environment and important that as consumers we let them know that we support them. It is equally important that we withhold our dollars from companies that refuse to participate in cleaning up the environment to save us from a climate catastrophe.