Bye Bye McMansions

I just came across this great story from MNN-Mother Nature Network. It shows ten really compact houses and many of them are so cool looking. Check out this Nano House that is meant for a family of four and measures in at 25 square meters.

Maybe America would be looking a lot different, in a lot of ways if families spent more time together and you can be assured of this when you have a smaller house. Of course the need for resources like heat, water and electricity also decreases as the size of our homes do, another good by-product from building smaller.

These may be much smaller than you could imagine yourself in, but if its possible to reduce to these really small dwellings imagine what we all could do to downsize a bit.

Sometimes bigger isn’t better. Perhaps in the end we gain having less; like having more time in our lives for things that bring us more than stuff ever can….

Sometimes living more sustainably brings greater rewards than we could ever imagine. Try it, you just might wonder how you stayed away so long.