Cru in Silverlake-Delicious and Organic

Cru LabelRaw or cooked, Cru’s vegan dishes will have you wondering why you would ever eat any other way. Chef Rachel Carr has perfected the art of vegan cooking and food preparation…how else can you describe her wonderful ‘uncooked’ raw dishes. Originally, Cru served exclusively raw dishes but now you can enjoy both delicious raw and cooked dishes exquisitely prepared.

At Cru you will find all organic ingredients and no: meat, wheat, gluten or sugar. Local ingredients are used whenever possible. On Saturday’s the Silverlake Farmer’s Market is just outside the restaurant, so you can come and do your shopping and then have lunch prepared for you before you head home.

Fortunately for me when I visited Cru I was with a friend so we could try a few items. It was really difficult to decide what to get because everything sounded amazing and what I saw coming out of the kitchen looked beautiful. Since it’s history had been as a raw food restaurant we decided to try two raw dishes and one hot. There easily was enough food for three or four people.

We started with the Mezze platter which included a beet & apple salad, cucumber tzatziki, garlicky kale, fig pate and cashew cheese with flax crackers. This was a meal by itself and as I started tasting each dish they seemed to just get better and better. I would definitely order this again, and it would be a wonderful lunch on its own.

There were a few varieties of raw ravioli so we decided to try one of them. We decided on the Pesto version. All of Rachel’s ravioli is made with cashew cheese and ours came in an amazing pumpkin seed, cilantro pesto. Fresh is an understatement, each flavor came through distinctively, yet all were balanced together. I could eat this ravioli every day, and never have to worry about too many carbs. Delicious, light and what a relief to know that every ingredient is organic. This is food to keep you clear, focused and satisfied without feeling heavy.

Even though I was close to full when our Sweet Potato Curry arrived I could not resist. This is a wonderful vegetable curry served with quinoa. I am a curry fan, but I would have to say a picky one. Cru’s curry is light and fragrant, not a single ingredient goes unnoticed. I can imagine having this dish on a cool evening. If I lived in the neighborhood this would be a definite favorite to pick up and take home.

I must confess after all this food we could not even imagine having desert so I will be returning to try them next time I am in L.A., which will be pretty soon. I cannot wait. Rachel’s all raw Chocolate Truffle Cake and all raw Mint Pistachio Ganache are so popular they can also be found at local markets-see the web site under ‘Cake’ to see the list of stores in Los Angeles and Orange County where you can buy them.

Cru is definitely a place for non-vegetarians and non-vegans as well as the strictest raw food vegans, everyone will be happy here. The selection is quite extensive and I cannot imagine anyone feeling that they have missed anything. In fact, I could easily eat at Cru daily and be more than happy…I cannot wait to return for more of this delicious, clean and sustainable food that is loaded with life and love.

Cru is open daily for dinner 5:30-10

Friday and Saturday lunch is served from 12-4

Reservations are taken for parties of six or more

1521 Griffith Park Blvd (just off Sunset)

Los Angeles 90026


Saturday morning farmer's market outside Cru

Saturday morning farmer's market outside Cru