Global Art Show for Climate…Earth

Creating a Flash Flood in Santa Earth Art (If you don’t know about please take a look-Briefly, they are an organization bringing huge amounts of attention to climate change and creating local solutions)¬†is at it again, this time coordinating a Global Art Event that will be documented via satellite by award winning cinematographer Doug Crawford and from the ground by cameras, video cameras and thousands of cell phones. These events will be broadcast worldwide as part of the U.N Climate Summit, which takes place in Cancun, Mexico Nov 29-Dec 10. Across the globe art events are taking place, you can see if anything is happening near you so that you can participate.

Here in Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Art Institute is coordinating the Flash Flood, for a living river event that will take place tomorrow, November 20. An incredible group of over 40 community partners have come together to create this event. Thousands of people will gather in the dry bed of the Santa Fe River (which has been designated as one of the most endangered rivers in America) holding blue painted signs to show where the river should be running. Here is more information on this event.

Many schools are involved in making this event happen and here are some of the volunteers.

Some of the other events taking place are:

In Mexico City people will create a human hurricane surrounding a 350 that is in the safe “eye of the storm” to show the increase in extreme weather in Mexico and that a “hurricane” of citizen action is needed to solve the climate crises.

in New Delhi 5,000 school children will work with aerial artist Daniel Dancer to form the image of a gigantic elephant to ask world leaders to stop ignoring the “elephant in the room”…climate change.

And in Austin, Texas the largest CSA (community supported agriculture) in the state has planted a giant winter garden in the shape of the number “350” to symbolize the role that local food can have in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Let’s hope, and take action so that this Climate Summit brings more than last years meeting in Copenhagen. Perhaps creating art will bring more people around the globe to recognize that we truly are connected, that climate change is something we all can do something about, and that we have to let our leaders know this is something that we care about. You can find out more about 350 Earth here.

I will be in the dry river tomorrow, imagining a flowing, living Santa Fe River.

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