Green Design is Good Design

jungle treehouse

Here is an interesting blog all about design, architectural and interior, as well as fashion, art and technology but from a green perspective. So much is possible we just need to recognize a new way of doing things, and it is happening before our very eyes.

Creativity is often enhanced out of necessity and perhaps that is exactly what we are witnessing. Sustainability is possible in our homes and businesses. Many new products and new technologies are already available-we just have to find them and demand more of it. Remember, any new technology is expensive in the beginning, but we have to start looking at all of the costs that we do not recognize immediately with the way things now are…depleted soil, poor air quality, hazardous homes and working environments, the list goes on and on.

The way that we have been living is just not sustainable and thank goodness a lot of creative people are working on new, cool, and exciting alternatives. Just take a look at this amazing house that sits on the water and is self sufficient. Or the jungle tree houses pictured above that are in Mexico.

house on the water

For those who might think this is just not possible, I remember a long time ago Disneyland had a “house of the future” and many of the things that were in that house we are using in our daily lives today and some of them are already old fashioned, like a hands free phone…So lets all open our minds to the possibilities that exist and support, as much as possible, these new products and green alternatives. Take a look around your homes and see what is toxic and how it can be replaced. This all starts with each one of us, and look how fabulous some to these alternatives really are. What an exciting time we are living in. And by the way the blog takes submissions so if you see something that is an example of sustainable, green, art, fashion, design or transportation snap a photo, write a story and send it to them.

Let’s start a dialog on what we are doing to make a difference.

Do you recycle, try to use public transport or walk, buy green cleaning products….