Help to be BPA Free

Have you been postponing buying a water container that is BPA free?  Read a bit about BPA’s and you won’t wait any longer. I am so upset that companies are able to keep producing and selling products that can make us sick. Isn’t the government supposed to protect us…. not protect those who are making us, and the environment sick?

We can take matters in our own hands, educate ourselves and make healthy choices.

Here is some help even…….

Kleen Kanteen is offering a 30% savings on their hot summer colors when you buy online by August 2.

Get rid of things in your home and work, and life, that are making you sick. We are meant to be healthy, and we are!  We just have to stop being exposed to chemicals that are changing our chemistry.

It is not that difficult and you will feel better for it.

ok i’m off my soap box