Inspired Business

Bamboo bikeWhat we purchase daily has a footprint in our community, and in the larger global community. We can think of what we do with our dollars as  providing an opportunity to be philanthropic with each and every purchase. Do we support businesses that are sustainable or that perpetuate a model of waste and carelessness? By being more aware about who we buy from, where it comes from and what it contains we can provide encouragement for others in business to be more conscious in their business practices knowing that they can be profitable.

This is an article about an inspiration that became reality. A business that was created that is sustainable with benefits for many and in many ways.

Where can your inspiration take you?

What businesses do you support and how much do you know about them? It is time for us to become more knowledgeable about where out dollars are going so that we can support businesses that are doing more than just making a profit but are also doing good….