More Greenwashing?

Beware of toxins in your personal care products and the labels to protect yourself.

I recently decided to once again take a look at the products that I have in my house just to be sure that I had eliminated all of the ones with toxins. I really had thought that I had done a thorough job of this but I was shocked to find parabens, sodium laureth sulfate and other toxic substances in many personal care products that I have still been using…

And even worse I found these chemicals in products from a company that is Against Animal Testing and has campaigns to Stop Sex Trafficking, Activate Self Esteem, Protect the Planet, Support Community Trade and even Defend Human Rights. It all sounds so good, but what is lurking in their products is not protecting their customers, us…the consumer. This is a huge company with shops across the globe, and one that has probably done much good in many ways yet even they are still using dangerous substances in their products. I am sure that you can guess the company that I am talking about.

I have just packed up the three products that I had been using and am returning them Monday along with a letter questioning how their corporate values can be in alignment with the products that they are selling to millions. I will keep you posted on the reply that I receive.

In the meantime perhaps it is time to take one more look at what you are using on your body and in your home. You can find out more about the products that you are using at Skin Deep the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic and personal care products database. We can no longer assume that a company’s good press and p.r. is also indicative of what they are selling to us.

If you haven’t seen Annie Leonard’s The Story of Cosmetics, take a peek it is something we all need to know about.

Don’t be fooled as I had been…read the labels on all of the products that you are using. There are better options out there and  Golden Path Alchemy is one, wonderful products made with truly all natural ingredients.