More on Cosmetics and Body Products

For many years I have been using products that I really had thought were better than the mainstream “commercial” products that most of America uses. I have encouraged family and friends to switch to more natural versions of cosmetics and body care products from shampoo to moisturizers, but I see that I had been lulled into not reading labels because of my place of purchase.

I recently read the label on the body lotion that I bought at a spa in Santa Fe, and a very special one, and I was surprised to see parabens in the ingredients. Looks like it is time to read labels on everything.

Here is a list of common ingredients (provided by, what they really are, and could do to you. Take a few minutes and take a peek at what you have in your medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers and you may find that it is time to change some shopping habits.

On the same note the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) Newest Sunscreen Guide is out, and only about 8% of 500 products checked passed their criteria. Their recommendation is that a good hat and shirt should be our first line of protection, and then to review their recommendations.

It is our responsibility to check the products that we are putting on our body and not assume that if it is on a shelf in a store that it is safe. The widespread use of chemicals keeps growing even in the face of more research of the dangers many of them pose. The EWG offers a wealth of information on a myriad of products so visit their website,  read your labels and know what you are putting on your body.