Recipes for Home Cleaning Products

With all of my talk about toxic chemicals lately I decided that I should also provide some solutions…not just warnings. This also came, I must admit, out of my own search for a natural solution to a clogged drain. In my quest I came upon a number of web sites that show ways to clean using common household ingredients, vinegar, baking soda, lemon etc. After all houses were clean before the widespread introduction of chemicals into everyday life following WW II.

I came across the site Earth Easy that explains what these common ingredients can do and some ‘recipes’ for making your own cleaning products including a carpet cleaner and mold remover. Just save a few bottles once the products that you now use are finished and make your own. I have been using only environmentally friendly products for a long time but I have been thinking that it’s time to change that, after all if I don’t really need it, and can easlily make it myself, why buy it? I will also be contributing to not using plastic bottles since I will just be refilling the ones that I have.

I will keep you posted on how it goes…..