Save Some Trees

Save some trees....eliminate junk mail.

Do you still receive junk mail?

I have called so many catalog customer service departments to be taken off their mailing lists I have stopped counting. But I still was receiving lots of junk mail from local supermarkets (what is super about selling aisles and aisles of pretend food that is making millions of Americans sick, as well as tons of toxic cleaning products?) and other businesses selling products that I have no interest in buying and food that I have no interest in eating. These same flyers came to both my house and P.O. Box. I had asked at the post office if I could stop having them put in my small post office box but was told that they have to…it is revenue for them.

Well the last visit to the post office I asked another person and she told me that I could cancel them with the company that is responsible for sending them out….RedPlum.

I am a bit annoyed that I have to cancel something that I never even asked for, but I am grateful to be able to stop them. So here is how you can also stop this junkiest of junk mail, that is so very wasteful.

Go to Consumer Support and fill out the form to stop this destruction of beautiful trees and wasted energy from coming to you. You can also call 800.437.0479 8:30-5 EST to request that they take you off their  list.

So take a few minutes if you are receiving this junk mail and save some trees, some energy and reduce what even needs to be recycled. It will take a lot of us but together we can make a huge change. Let’s use our power as intelligent consumers to let businesses know what really matters to us.