Sex in the Ocean, Rivers and Land

A little bit of fun…

Isabella Rossellini Seducing and being Seduced

Have you seen the Sundance Channel’s Seduce Me shorts with Isabella Rossellini?

You just have to love her for producing and starring in these funny, yet apparently accurate shorts on the unusual, to say the least, mating habits of salmon, ducks and other amazing creatures that we share the earth with. Humans could be arrested for doing this.

Maybe if we spend more time getting to know our earth neighbors, all of them, we will protect them and our planet more, and learn to all live together.

You might be shocked by some of these natural mating techniques but you will probably also have a good laugh and that is something we all can use more of….


having a hard time coming up the proper tag for this one-never thought that I’d have porn, even green porn on this site!