Slow Food

More information will be forthcoming about the Slow Food Movement, but very briefly…..this movement was started in Italy in 1986 by a small group led by Carlo Petrini basically as a reaction, a protest, to the opening of McDonald’s in Rome. It was the beginning of a small revolution which today is growing in strength and numbers.

The New York Times Sunday Businss section on March 22, 2009 ran an article entitled “Is a Food Revolution Now in Season?

I would say yes it is, and just in the nick of time……The Slow Food mission is to, “slow down, to know where one’s food comes from, to preserve the taste of real food”. To achieve this the Slow Food movement promotes agricultural biodiversity, sustainable farming, local producers and heritage foodways. The more that we incorporate this mission and ideals in our society the more we will enjoy far reaching benefits, environmentally, in our health and in creating communities where people once again know each other and have more care and concern for their neighbors-not just nearby but globally as well.

There is nothing wrong with living in the modern world, it affords us many benefits, but we must retain our humanity in order for us survive as humans.

Looking forward to sharing more about Slow Food, and hearing from you as well……