Still Using Bleach?

I was checking for more info on how to make home-made cleaning supplies and came across this article about bleach that I had to share. I had no idea how toxic bleach could be when combined with other ingredients, even urine combined with bleach and water, as in a toilet bowl with bleach, can create a dangerous gas.

Lucky that I came upon this today. I have a dirty white rug and just this morning was contemplating using bleach on it. Looks as if I read this just in time to learn of a simple substitute that I can easily make.

I wrote a few weeks ago  about making your own cleaning products and I tried a drain cleaner that I made with only baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. I have been meaning to report back that it worked. I had to repeat it twice, but it was not a big deal when I consider what is in commercial drain cleaner, and often you need to use it a few times as well.

I think that most of the water that we flush or wash down the drain winds up somewhere where the water should be clean and many  chemicals don’t just go away. I think about the disaster in the Gulf and that if we all did more to keep the water clean where we live, work and go on vacation we would be making a change that would have long lasting results. It will take a lot of us making changes to clean things up, but it can happen. If all of the people who are so upset about what they see all along the Gulf coast made some simple changes we would be taking a big step to clean up our local water systems. Maybe this disaster can be that catalyst for change.

More and more of us are seeing the full picture of what is happening from the way food and many of the products that we buy are produced and saying no more!…The entire production chain needs to be looked at and we as consumers need to be responsible to pay attention to this and ask questions. What took place for that product to wind up in front of us and where it will go when we are finished with it are all important to consider when buying something. And the cool thing is there are already so many wonderful options that exist that are clean, green and consciously produced that we don’t have to miss out on anything. In fact we gain so much eating, wearing and using healthier products.

There is also so much that we can do on our own that is really easy. I started cleaning my sinks with only baking soda and am amazed at how easy and effective it is. What a scam….all those cleaning products out there and we only need a few things to make our own, and at a huge savings for our pockets and for the environment…just think of all the plastic containers that would not be needed to be made, and then thrown away, and all of the chemicals that would not be needed if we made our own cleaning supplies and kept reusing a few plastic bottles over and over.

This all may sound pretty “down home” but if it works just as well why not? So the next time you need to clean your sink, grab a box a baking soda and just sprinkle some in the sink and wipe it off with a wet sponge…inexpensive, easy, and non-toxic.