Sustainable Eating-for you and the planet…

Fresh vegetables can inspire you to get cooking at home-you will save money in the long run and eat better.

One way to start the new year is by eating better. January is probably the month when more people vow to eat better, lose weight and start working out, than any other month of the year.

Eating better is also one way to take a big step in living more sustainably. Conveniently, doing better for your health usually also means doing better for the planet, and our food choices are a perfect example of this (along with walking more rather than always jumping in your car for a short trip).

This New York Times article could be the inspiration you were looking for, and the reassurance that cooking is not that difficult.

Here are a few recipes from SmartLifeways that may also inspire you.

Chard and Poached Eggs

Basmati Rice and Vegetable Salad with a few serving options

Farmers Market Pizza/Quesadilla

There are more throughout SmartLifeways so you can get started with a variety of ideas right here. When you can cook with organic, local choices and you will be doing yourself, and the planet a favor.

Bon Appetit and happy cooking. Feel free to share your creations here too.