Tips to Green Your Life

Wondering where to start to green your home, your work, your diet?

Here is a Healthy Home Checklist published by the Environmental Working Group. It asks questions from the bathroom to the kitchen to what products you are using, and offers suggestions on making relatively easy changes-and tells you why they are important.

The EWG’s web site is a wealth of information to help you know where chemicals may be hiding in your home and products that you use regularly from perfumes to cleaning products. I was surprised last night as I read the ingredients for a facial cleanser from a company that is supposedly environmentally aware and found parabens inside. While some may argue that parabens are safe many scientists feel their estrogen mimicking properties could be a contributing cause to cancer. The government deems many of these chemicals “safe” (or are the lobbyists convincing them this is the case?) while research shows something different. It is up to each of us to look at what we put in and near our bodies.

This Healthy Home List is a great place to start.