Too Clean?

Much has been in the media about antibiotic resistant bacteria, but are we contributing to this? When we use products that supposedly kill bacteria those that do survive become stronger and eventually resistant to being killed-creating super bacteria that is more and more difficult to get rid of. Our systems also need the slight stress that is created to fight off bacteria, that in the end makes us stronger and more resistant to bacteria.

Have you noticed that since the big H1N1 scare hand sanitizers have turned up everywhere? I have seen them at markets, airports, banks and gyms….but do we really need them or is this just a way to create more fear, sell products and contribute to stronger bacteria that when we really need to treat ourselves we can’t

This is a great article brought to us from Food and Water Watch on the dangers of Triclosan. I am afraid that triclosan is just one more chemical that has been produced and then marketed to an unsuspecting public who just wants to stay healthy when in fact it makes it more difficult to treat illness when it comes, causes health problems and pollutes our water. Triclosan has been shown to be an endocrine disruptor and it can form into dioxin.

Check your products for this ingredient. When it has been found that soap and water are just as effective, why do we even need such ingredients and why does the government allow them to be used. Speak out and let your government officials know that we want to be protected from unregulated chemical use in products that are making us sick. And remember your dollars speak loudly when you stop using such products…you can also send letter to companies using them asking them to stop. When enough of us take action large corporations will see that they lose more using these chemicals and will stop.

For more on chemicals in our beauty and body products be sure to catch Annie Leonard’s latest film The Story of Cosmetics…it will change the way you shop, and protect your health.