Too many toxic chemicals with too little protection.

I have not seen this CNN special on toxic chemicals, but I think that it is great we are starting to speak about them more. For many of us it seems quite clear that many chemicals that we are exposed to are harming both the environment and ourselves, but many people just do not have this information or believe it, assuming that it couldn’t be that bad or it wouldn’t be allowed to be used.

On June 2nd and 3rd at 8 p.m. ET CNN will show an investigative report on whether or not enough is being done to protect the public from toxic checmicals. Let’s see how far they go, and if this can motivate more and more to say no to chemicals…in our food, in our cleaning supplies, in our make-up, our clothing, our rivers, even our homes.

I wrote about the book Slow Death By Rubber Duck-the Secret Danger of Everyday Things, a few months ago. It is a about the prevalence of chemicals in our everyday lives. We are so vulnerable to these chemicals and often we have no idea that they are around us.

It is time to stop accepting the widespread use of chemicals which are weakening our immune systems, making us sickĀ and destroying nature at a quickening pace. We have the power to drastically cut the demand for these chemicals and companies will follow our dollars. Read your labels, and ask questions so that you know what you are using in your home, on your body and at your work.