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Let me know what you think about SmartLifeways and please send suggestions and tips from your local community. I am eager to know about your favorite restaurants/cafes, farmers markets, local gardens, green shops etc.

This is about more than just the food we eat, it is about creating a sustainable future in our environment,  our health and the planet.  The Slow Food mission is to, “slow down, to know where one’s food comes from, and to preserve the taste of real food”. To achieve this the Slow Food movement promotes agricultural biodiversity, sustainable farming, local producers and heritage foodways. Just think how different so many aspects of our daily life and world will be when this becomes the mission for more and more of us, when we are committed to Smart-Life-ways.

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my photoThank you for your support in SmartLifeways and for being part of the change that we want to see.

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