About SmartLifeways

There once existed a time in America when food was clean and healthful, when farmers were people who not only worked the land but cared for it since it represented their future as well as their families future. And once upon a time people appreciated what their town or city offered them in their free time, where the surrounding area, whether 10 miles or 200 miles away, was seen as a place to be explored, appreciated and cultivated. We have strayed far from this time but a return is essential to the health of this country as well as its inhabitants.

The significance of food in America today has moved far beyond just what we decide to eat for breakfast or what grocery store we visit.  The impact of modernized, convenient, ready-to-eat food (if we can call it that) has brought us an obesity epidemic and other health problems that are largely preventable with proper diet, tremendous pollution as well as depletion of the soil, contaminated food, the demise of the family farm and a frightening situation where major corporations are on the verge of controlling not only our country’s food, but potentially the global food supply.  Today the importance, as well as cultural, environmental and political implications of good, clean food are just beginning to be recognized.

SmartLifeways will be a multimedia journey through America exploring today’s modern pioneers who have dedicated themselves to reversing these trends. These pioneers are involved in sustainable, organic and bio-dynamic  farms, farm to table restaurants, pesticide free vineyards, clean and humane dairies, farmers markets and local coops, the list goes on and on… a food revolution has begun in America today.

Organic, clean food has become, as Alice Waters stated on 60 Minutes, “our right”.  SmartLifeways will bring together many of the elements of this growing movement that is providing a new way for this country to nourish itself. This is no longer food for the elite, the “foodies” of yesterday, but for everyone. This is no longer an issue for tomorrow… our fields cannot wait as they are depleted with industrial farming methods and our food supply falls further into the hands of corporations who are not concerned with the public’s health but rather with their stock holders portfolio’s.

SmartLifeways will also explore other areas of sustainable living beyond just food. Renewable energy is not a science fiction tale for tomorrow but is happening today…solar, wind and other energy options are feasible now.

Clean, green buildings that nourish our landscapes as well as our bodies are showing up everywhere. Communities are coming together to say “no” to polluters and those who come to deplete their resources and give nothing back.

There are so many positive things happening. SmartLifeways hopes to spur the public into action as they become aware of the situation, the urgency in making changes and that many are already happening all around.

These travels will also present the concept of Slow Travel, an accompaniment to the already established Slow Food movement. Slow Travel allows all of us the opportunity to take a new look at what we can see and experience in our own neighborhoods, towns, cities and local regions where we live. We are always so eager to “get away” but what happens when we recognize what is nearby….we save on travel time and expense, create less pollution and gain an appreciation for what and who inhabits our closer environment, creating a sense of community. The grass is always greener mentality has created a lot of stress and turmoil for many of us, in many ways. It is time to slow down and recognize the beauty that exists right in front of us and just around the corner.

This journey through America will be documented on this web site with articles, blog, videos and a nationwide data base of resources. We will keep supporters updated every step of the way on Twitter . Throughout the trip events will be organized to entertain, educate and inspire. A documentary of the journey will be created and the ultimate vision is a weekly television series exploring America’s potential for SmartLifeways… feeding our nation’s body, mind and spirit. It really is true that we are what we eat, and the time has come for America to have a new diet.

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We welcome corporate sponsorship that is in alignment with our vision, as well as individual donations.

Please send us your feedback and favorite clean-food restaurants, farmers markets, local farms and other organizations supporting this movement, as well as your favorite local places to spend time so that we may visit them and share them on our journey……

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