No Need to Wait for a Baby…..

Many women upon becoming pregnant, or planning to get pregnant, decide to take better care of their health and to become more aware of their surrounding environment. I think that this is great, whatever it takes to pay more attention to what is going in one’s body and around one is a good thing, but we can all do this anytime…men too!

This month has been declared Pregnancy Awareness Month™ (PAM) by author & holistic lifestyle expert Anna Getty, who co-founded PAM with LCSW & mompreneur Alisa Donner.  May 2010 is the 3rd year of Pregnancy Awareness Month™ (PAM) and it was officially launched with an event celebrating Motherhood and Mother Earth at the TreePeople in Los Angeles on May 2. The organization seeks to “empower pregnant women and new parents with information, “how to” ideas and inspiration to incorporate PAM’s four key initiatives – education, exercise, nutrition & wellness and nurture – into their life routines and to show how easy it can be to make healthy changes in their lives, for themselves, and their children.”

I love that they are showing how simple changes can make a profound impact on one’s body, one’s family and the environment. We have somehow lost our way a bit and need to regroup, and relearn, some basics especially when it comes to our health and the health of the planet. It is so important that people become more aware of the significance of becoming pregnant and the opportunity to rethink some areas of one’s life…something beneficial for most of us. With so many of us on the planet it is essential to bring more awareness into raising a family to be sure that less harm is done to the earth so that today’s babies and youth inherit a planet that can support them.

There are many great products out there for new moms and new families and you can find  some of them at Pregnancy Awareness Month’s web site.

So pregnant or not take a few moments to think about the products that you use and what you put in your body and see if you can “green” it up a bit, for your health and the health of the planet.