Live as if the future matters…..because it really does.

Join a Revolution where we all matter.

This Mother’s Day a global mobilization is taking place, organized by youth to bring attention to the realities of climate change and the future they could face if things do not change, and change soon. You can read more about this exciting and inspired organization that was started by 16 year old Alec Loorz, a climate change activist since he was 12! He started Kids vs. Global Warming after watching An Inconvenient Truth and his life, and his families, has not been the same since. He has spent much of the last four years speaking to hundreds of thousands of youth and adults about this.

I was lucky enough to see and hear him at last years Bioneers conference. You can hear him too. He was introduced by Dr. James Hansen-pretty inspired company for a 16 year old, and I think that Dr. Hansen would say the same about Alec.

Many of us are aware of the changes that we are already experiencing as a result of climate change, and if things continue without significant shifts life could be drastically different on planet Earth in just a few decades.

Who will have to deal with these new realities the most?

The youth of today and it is for this reason that more and more young people are mobilizing to create real change on a local level and also letting politicians know that we must do something to stop the climate changes that we are experiencing.

These young activists may not be able to vote yet but their voices are loud, strong and filled with passion and determination….they see a potential future very different from today and know that we must do more today to prevent such a future. These changes will be to everyone’s benefit. OK maybe not beneficial for big Oil, big-Agriculture, and few other industries, but for the rest of us…..well, we would have a much better world to live in.

Here is a link to learn more about the iMatter March and you can see if one is already organized where you live, and if not you can organize one, and here are the steps on how to do just that. Events are planned all across the globe including New Zealand, Ghana and even here in Santa Fe, NM. So join in to show that you care about youth around the globe, the future and all of us who will live in that future.

Join the Revolution….

It was Thomas Jefferson who said, “Every generation needs a revolution,”  so be a good American and join this one.

We really need it and need it now.

We all matter…and it’s time to do something about that.