Potatoes and Greens

This was completely inspired after shopping at the Santa Monica farmers market and the amazing potatoes that I found there from the Weiser family farm. If you are lucky enough to have a local farmers market to shop at experiment with some new produce that you maybe do not usually buy or that you maybe have never eaten, or seen, before. It is easy to get in a shopping habit, but you may discover some incredible and delicious surprises await you.

If you see something new to you ask about it-what is it, what does it taste like and how to prepare it. I have been inspired by the potatoes that Weiser farms has had in the last month and am using them in a lot of different ways. Just last week a new variety showed up at the market called a zebra potato that is delicious. For this recipe I used fingerlings and a German variety of potato, but as the season continues I will use whatever they have at the market. I think that we also gain more of an appreciation for food when it is not always available. Each season, and within each season, we receive new treasures that may only last a few weeks so enjoy what is available fresh and locally produced.

I must admit this was really good, really easy and really quick to prepare. I made extra and was glad to have the leftovers. You could enjoy this with a salad, as a side dish, wrapped in a tortilla or a chapati, or even in an omelet.

As usual the recipe does not give exact amounts so that you can use what you like in the amounts that suit your taste. This can be modified in many ways and hopefully not having exact measurements will allow you to feel more free cooking. Have some zucchini on hand? you can always add that as well, or probably just about any fresh vegies that you like. For some extra protein you could even add tofu (organic only please since soybeans are one of the most common GMO crops).

Saute yellow onion sliced fairly thin

Boil potatoes (use the tastiest ones you can find) till almost completely cooked

Once onions begin to cook a bit add stalks from chard and kale

When potato is almost cooked completely, drain from water and slice-beware it is going to be hot. Layer sliced potato on top of onions and stalks and add to taste: salt, curry powder (lately I am into Whole Foods Pondicherry curry powder), cinnamon, cumin, fresh cilantro…you could also add fresh ginger and/or cayenne for some heat. Cook for a few minutes covered slightly.

Add any or all of the following. Layer them so that what needs to cook the longest goes in first:


Beet tops


Carrots sliced


Snow peas


Cook covered for 1-2 minutes and then add a splash of water and cover. Check after about 5-8 minutes, if chard is looking cooked then stir pan to mix, cover and cook another couple of minutes. To finish add chopped cilantro and stir lightly.

After the potatoes were added and the spices.

After adding potatoes and spices