Avoiding Genetically Modified Food

cornDo you know that unless you are eating organic you are more than likely consuming genetically modified food? This is probably the largest experiment ever conducted on a non-consenting public, and for many a non-aware public. Very little is known about the long term effects of this food but many scientists and doctors are speaking out against it. ” Today the Lyme Induced Autism Foundation (LIA) has joined with other leading health organizations to call on medical practitioners to prescribe diets free from all genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and urged individuals, especially those with autism, Lyme disease, and associated conditions, to avoid eating genetically modified (GM) foods.” This is really serious!

This web site will help you to avoid GMOs  and learn more about it. By avoiding the big four GMO crops: corn, soybeans, canola and cottonseed, you will make a good start to avoid foods that have been altered genetically. Many GMO crops have higher doses of pesticides since they are modified to withstand the onslaught of pesticides that kill the weeds around them….how about an extra dose of chemicals with that corn on the cob? Shocking, but 50% of all papayas from Hawaii are genetically modified.

It is time that the American public speak out and demand the removal of GM crops from the food supply and at the very least insist that all food be labeled when it is genetically modified or when any ingredients are genetically modified. This is a critical issue and I will be adding much more about this. In the meantime let your representatives know how you feel. We need to make more noise than the lobbyists from big agriculture, the pesticide industry and those companies patenting the seeds.