Bioneers-Sharing solutions to our environmental and social crises.

Bioneers logo“Bioneers is inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations”. Since I had been living in Europe for much of the last nine years I was not familiar with Bioneers until recently. For a more detailed explanation of who they are and what they do visit their website.

This month in Marin County, California their anual conference will take place from the 16th-18th with full-day pre and post conference intensives as well. “The Bioneers Conference is a leading-edge forum.  At this premiere environmental conference, social and scientific innovators focus on solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity”.

I am excited about attending and will be posting about the conference while I am there. Some of the speakers include Michael Pollan, Andrew Weil, Joanna Macy, David Orr, Bob Cannard and Annie Leonard (creator of The Story of Stuff). An amazing group of speakers far too many to list here, addressing a wide range of critical issues and more importantly solutions.

Something that I find extraordinary is that the morning Plenary Presentations, which will feature 15 different speakers, will be beamed, in some cases live, across the country to a number of Beaming Conferences. Depending on the location additional events are also planned. From Los Angeles to Portland, Maine  these beamed conference will take place. You can check here to see if one is near you. Click on your closest city and then there is a link to the actual event. This is also an opportunity to find out what is already happening in your local community and meet other like minded people. So if you can’t make it to California you can still be a part of the Conference.