Earth Day is Tomorrow…..

Tomorrow is Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary. Do you have something planned to celebrate and honor our beautiful planet? This is the official Earth Day web site that is filled with information as well as a search that you can use to see what events are happening close by to you. I am in Los Angeles right now and there were 53 events nearby…it will be a challenge to chose where to spend the day.

At times it may feel as if things are worse than ever before, and in some ways they are, but in many ways we are also making progress in terms of awareness and more and more of us taking action to reverse the damage that has been done. Together we are a huge force and have more power than we can even imagine, so don’t get discouraged.

Check out the story on Less Impact Living and see how easy it is to be a part of living more sustainably. As a society we have been living irresponsibly in many ways, for many years and now we just need to wake up and realize that we will gain so much by making some not so difficult changes. Just shopping at a farmers market can make a huge impact. You support local agriculture, support the reduction of pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide use which leads to cleaner air and water and less petrochemical use, have more fun shopping, interact with farmers and maybe even meet some of your neighbors and get great tasting, fresh food. So with one small act so much good can come. Here is a link to find a farmers market near you.

There is a Climate Rally March in Washington DC this Sunday to show support for a comprehensive climate bill to be passed this year so if you happen to be close by it could be a great way to spend your Sunday. More information can be found on the Earth Day web site

So whatever you do tomorrow, and each day after, think of how you can help to make Earth Day a part of your every day life, and enrich your life in the process.