Earth University Hopes to Plant One Million Trees in One Day

Imagine one million trees planted in one day resulting in the annual fixation of at least 6,800 tons of atmospheric CO2 annually.

Earth University, a private non-profit international University in Costa Rica (that is carbon neutral) is organizing such an amazing feat. June 5 is World Environment Day and on this day Earth University hopes to have students, faculty, alumni and friends plant one million trees in 26 countries.

The goal of the project, in addition to the practical action of planting trees, is to “raise global awareness of climate change issues and involve corporations, organizations and individuals in an effort to stop global warming and generate support for EARTH University”.

So far almost half of the donations needed have been raised to make this possible but the next month is crucial to raise enough to reach a symbolic one million trees being planted across the globe within 24 hours. You can be a part of Earth Plants the Future and for only $5 a tree will be planted on your behalf . You can also dedicate the planting to someone else too, now that is a cool gift.

Earth University was founded 20 years ago and is located in Costa Rica with students from 25 countries. Earth University has focused on the urgent need to pay attention to climate change and the environmental destruction that is occurring at a quickening pace by focusing on sustainable practices in energy conservation, agrochemical reduction, diversified farming and alternative energy.

Just see what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico as a reminder that our way of living in many ways can potentially doom us to a new way of living that none of us want. Believing that the answer to solving the problems plaguing humankind and the planet are people with conviction, capacity and commitment, students come from economically depressed communities throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions, including Africa and Asia. Graduates then bring their knowledge about sustainability into diverse communities throughout the world.

So support this great cause and plant some trees and help create bringing a more sustainable future across the globe.