Green Building and Smart Home Technology

This is a great web site to learn about what it takes to build a green house that is totally modern in its use of what today’s technology, building materials and appliances have to offer while maintaining a standard of what many families are accustomed to. This is no off-the-grid, we are going to slightly rough it house. It is big, over 4,000 square feet, but it was built with being green the primary concern.

The Hageman family of Rhode Island created this web site to share what they have designed, built and learned (and there is also a fair amount of publicity for their sponsors) demonstrating that you can have a very comfortable, and still sustainable lifestyle. They showcase “green building practices, reusable resources, smart energy consumption, eco-friendly landscaping, and clean, healthy-living environments in a traditional, New England setting.” The fruits of their labor and intensive research can be found on their website Green Life Smart Life

The web site shows us how using smart technology the Hagemans manage energy consumption, create healthy air and have a complete security and entertainment system. They also have information on LEED-Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. They just were awarded LEED Gold certification on their home, the only home in Rhode Island to attain Gold certification.

While some may argue that this is not really a truly sustainable way to build and live, I think that it shows a new way of thinking and that higher end home construction can do a lot to create more sustainable housing. By showing others what it looks like to build green, conserve water & energy and live in a way that is good for the environment and healthier they are sharing some of the steps for a more sustainable future for all of us.