Climate Change-Organic Farming is part of the Solution

Commercial agriculture is a major ¬†contributor to greenhouse gases, as are most elements of the current food system in the U.S. today. Our food system just doesn’t work.

Not for the small towns that have disappeared as farmers move away after losing their farms.

Not for the soil that is being depleted and the topsoil that is lost every year.

Not for the farm workers who are exposed to the toxic chemicals that are in the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides used regularly. In fact Monsanto’s Roundup Ready GMO crops are actually genetically modified to not die from the herbicide, but all other plants are killed that it is sprayed on.

Not for the consumers of this food who are growing more obese yearly and, having more and more major health issues that can be easily resolved with a change of diet.

Not the environment, the list goes on and on how the current system is causing much more damage than good.

Widespread organic farming could change this, and change it quickly.¬†Organic Manifesto written by Maria Rodale explains how “organic farming can heal our planet, feed the world and keep us safe.” Imagine that it is really this simple.

The Organic Consumers Association is looking for support for their national petition on agricultural solutions to climate change and health. Their three main points are:

1. Truth in Labeling-Do you ever wonder why food, and body care products do not need to show on the label if it contains pesticides, or any of the other “cides”, if it is genetically modified, or if the animal was given antibiotics? Shouldn’t we able to decide if we want to eat such food….

2. Ending Destructive Subsidy Programs-Industrial farming is being subsidized by all of us and the companies that are receiving the subsidies are making big profits, and by the way they are heavily dependent on fossil fuels. How about subsidies for a food system that will employ more people, stop polluting, use far less fuel and give us clean, healthy food.

3. Build an Organic and Green Economy-This would begin an immediate change in how our food is grown and livestock raised.

You can read more about this here and see what you think