The ‘White House’ Farmer’s Market-Does it matter?

Michelle Obama at farmers marketHas a small organic garden on the White House lawn really made a difference?

The NY Times, the Huffington Post and even You Tube to name just a few, carried the story about the new farmer’s market just a few blocks away from the White House, but does it really matter?

I would have to say, yes it does.

At last there is a conversation about out food supply in the mainstream media and Americans are seeing an alternative to what and how most of them eat. This can only be seen as a positive step.

The growth of farmer’s markets has been slowly happening across the country but now thanks to the President and the First Lady, it is headline news. Included in these stories must come some of the many reasons why this is important: local farmers are supported, bio-diversity is encouraged, the environment is no longer devastated, our farmlands are protected from soil erosion, local economies and a sense of community is fostered, and the public’s health can be improved, to just begin the list of benefits from local farmer’s markets.

In the next day or two will come a longer story of the myriad of benefits from organic agricultural practices and local farmer’s markets. In the meantime you can check here for a farmer’s market near you if you aren’t familiar where your local market is located.

Support your local farmers, we need them as much as they need us.