Real, Sustainable Food at Colleges….

Eating well can be part of college cafeteria food. photo by Karin Lau from Fotolia

I just came across this great blog that was started by a student at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, and now has been taken over by another student, to encourage bringing sustainably raised food to colleges across the country. Many schools are working on this drastic change to what usually had been found on campus, and the blog was a desire to share information on how this was being accomplished.

Food service budgets at Colleges and Universities are substantial and changing the buying habits brings better food to the students, business to local growers and others who are growing sustainably, and ultimately helps to shift away from an industrial agricultural model that uses pesticide & herbicides, GMO seed and is causing so much destruction in so many ways.

There also is a guide on how to go organic on campus. You will find lots of great information, and inspiration, that is relevant to all of us. It could also be a great source of information for any institution that is making the transition to better quality food.

The most recent post is about the best documentaries on eating green. Take a peek, the list is a good one. It includes some films that have been mentioned here before, but there were a few on the list that were new titles to me.

Many of us either know someone in college, or maybe are in college, let’s see what we can do to help in this food revolution. It will create a healthier future for those in school, help support sustainable and local farmers, help the environment and maybe most important create future generations that will demand clean, green, sustainably raised food-and business will respond to demand.