An eleven year old tells us about our food system.

What is really in your corn?

Just saw this wonderful five minute video of what is wrong, and also what is right about our food system at Civil eats (a great web site).

What makes it even more extraordinary is that it is given by an eleven year old at a TEDx event.

This is all so obvious that a child can recognize why we need to make a change in our agricultural systems and food culture in general… if we can call if a “culture”. ┬áThe good news is it really is this simple to change it. It is up to us to demand the kind of food that nourishes us rather than make us sick, and recreate a system that is not dependent on fossil fuels and pollutes the earth and local communities.

Just stop buying food that is genetically engineered and that will make a huge difference. Tell your grocer that you want to know what you are putting in your body.