Gather-an organic restaurant is coming to Berkeley

gather_placeholderIt was surprising to me to learn that there is not an organic breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant in Berkeley… but Gather is on the way and it is opening December 15th.

Gather will bring seasonal, farm food among friends, and its opening is a long fulfilled dream  of the owners.  Ari Derfel, one of the owners, is no newcomer to ideas of sustainability, he once kept all of his garbage for one year!  He wanted to really see how much trash he was actually creating and investigate ways to decrease his output. As he says, Save your trash because there is no such thing as away…. Ari created a short-lived blog once news broke of his project back in 2007 where he writes about his feelings and the changes in his life during this year. You will also find a few tips on reducing one’s trash output.

But back to the story at hand….

At Gather you can buy a “pre-sale”  credit and you will recive an extra 10% for future meals there.  Ari and his partner envision their restaurant to be a place for the community to gather, as well as creating an opportunity to further educate the public about food. Gather is located at the  David Brower Center, one of the Bay Areas greenest buildings and home to environmental and social action offices and facilities…a perfect neighborhood for Gather where people will indeed gather, share their inspirations and continue educating one another about how we can create a more sustainable future while enjoying delicious local food and drinks.

Congratulations on your upcoming opening. I cannot wait to visit.